I've been developing a project called GUMSHOE in collaboration with New Paradise Laboratories, the Free Library of Philadelphia, and the Rosenbach Museum. It's not often that the costume designer is asked to participate in the writing of the piece, and it's even more unusual when it's less of a traditional "piece of theatre," and more of a "Escape the Room meets Harry Potter meets Edgar Allen Poe meets Sleep No More, in which you participate surreptitiously during working library hours." It's not often that my former-English-major library nerd self gets to attend work alongside my costume design self and my creative writing self, so this is a rare treat to find a project that encompasses so many of my passions at once. Thus far, I've attended "library school" alongside the actors and creative team, logged hours in the rare books department, and spent a long time trying to devise puzzles that will teach participants to combat the spread of "fake news." 

Up next on the list: The Ice Princess at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival with Pirronne Yousefzadeh -- in which a team of female artists tackle children's theatre, subvert the princess stereotype, and inspire a new generation of theatregoers to love the magic of live performance!  

Summer 2017: I return to Delaware Theatre Company's Summer on Stage program for my fifth summer as the Stagecraft Instructor! Looking forward to testing out new lesson plans with these incredible young people.