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Stupid F*cking Bird
"Katherine Fritz’s costumes are modern and casual without dipping into hipster clichés." - Tim Dunleavy, DC Metro Theatre Arts 

"Katherine Fritz's costumes echo the monochromatic sets and add some cockroach brown - the better to help Bailey transform from androgynous employee and family workhorse to the creepy-crawly thing she becomes." -Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia Inquirer 

"The tech work supporting THE METAMORPHOSIS is top-notch as well [...] Katherine Fritz has created period appropriate costumes that still manage to give the ensemble total freedom of movement." -Ellen Wilson Dilks, Stage Magazine

Sex With Strangers
"As for the costumes, Katherine Fritz takes Twyford from Eileen Fisher with her figure invisible under lovely floating fabrics, to outfits that showed her awakening sense of self. Sottile is an all-jeans kinda guy." -David Siegel, DC Metro Theater Arts

Sex With Strangers
"Sex with Strangers evolves as a rom-com with both a generational and a pop culture twist [...] Katherine Fritz tracks Olivia's increasing confidence by shifting her look from sweatshirt casual to power fashions." -Eric Minton,

Mary Stuart

"Brava, Katherine Fritz!" -Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

VAINGLORIOUS: The Life and Times of Notable Persons In Europe After The Revolution
"Astonishingly theatrical [...] The costumes, designed by Katherine Fritz and Maria Shaplin, are superb."
-Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

Dave + Aaron Go To Work
"Every element is executed with loving care and detail, from Katherine Fritz’s witty costumes and Cromie’s adorable puppets..." -Mark Cofta, Philadelphia City Paper

  Dave + Aaron Go To Work
"With [...] hilarious costumes by Katherine Fritz, Dave and Aaron Go To Work is an ideal holiday and family entertainment." -Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

  Pretty Fire
 "The classic casual costume by Katherine Fritz allows Simpson the freedom of movement needed to tell Charlayne’s story and to show the audience that this enchanting young girl blossomed into an elegant and accomplished woman." -Deborah Miller, STAGE Magazine

 "With oversize eyeglasses, sensible shoes and a backpack, her dark hair a riot of unruly curls, Barb is a buttoned-up, bookish type who has somehow been transported from the library where she was studying to this erotic playground. She is joined by the equally bewildered Gayle (Ms. Etzold), a suburban type in tacky white pumps and acid-washed jeans, and Cheyenne (Ms. Ford), the eternal flower child, with a curtain of dark hair to her waist and the lolloping gait of a wood sprite." -Charles Isherwood, New York Times

   "Katherine Fritz’s costumes are spot on, describing and illustrating these people so completely and with such accurate detail that they give us an instant understanding of these people before they speak a word." -Leah Franqui, Staged

 "The expressive quality of the arts is especially underlined by the PAC through its interdisciplinary collaboration with sculptor Roger Wing and in the period costumes and stylings of designer Katherine Fritz, who harmonizes her creations with the mood of the room and the personalities of the characters." -Deb Miller, STAGE Magazine

 A Dybbuk
 "But it builds to a stunning crescendo of broad comedy and brilliant crisis as four students, all briliantly costumed by Katherine Fritz, play multiple roles at the wedding." -Mark Cofta, Philadelphia CityPaper

A Dybbuk
"The most impressive stars of the show are costume designer Katherine Fritz, who dresses 10 cast members in the roles of about 40..." -Howie Shapiro, Philadelphia Inquirer

Changes of Heart
"Designer Katherine Fritz gives the Broad Street Ministry's ideal 75-seat space some clever low-budget elegance, and excels with her glamorous 1930s gowns and suits, all colorfully lit by Robert A. Thorpe." - Mark Cofta, Philadelphia CityPaper

Changes of Heart
"Although the original setting is the French Court, and although there's a violet chaise lounge and many gilt picture frames, you're likely to be reminded of bits and pieces of 1930's movies [...] Will love win the day? You betcha, especially if it looks gorgeous in a brand-new slinky gown."  -Toby Zinman, Philadelphia Inquirer

Changes of Heart 
"Visual delights are provided by the impeccable 1930s’ styling of the set, costumes, hairstyles, and make-up by Katherine Fritz, all evoking the elegance of the Art Deco era and the movie stars of yesteryear." -Deb Miller, STAGE Magazine 

The Speed of Surprise!
"Katherine Fritz's American-Apparel-meets-The-Enterprise costumes -- think metallic tights and     long-sleeved lycra mock turtlenecks --  go a long way towards framing the jokes." -Wendy Rosenfeld, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Fritz does a fine job of dressing the cast in the styles of a century ago."

 A Midsummer Night's Dream
"... has never been so hip or so much fun [...] Athenians now wear everything from tuxedos and gowns to jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes and red high heels." -Paul Kolas, Worcester Telegram and Gazette

Much Ado About Nothing
"Everyone looks great in Katherine Fritz's terrific costumes -- the gentlemen in their spiffy military uniforms and the ladies in their 1940's style dresses." -Paul Kolas, Worcester Telegram and Gazette